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MEDIGRADE 3D FAT FREEZING - How does it work and what to expect


Medigrade 3D Ultimate Pro technology is clinically proven, it uses controlled cooling to -10 degrees to target & destroy fat cells. Stubborn pockets of fat are difficult to remove even with diet & exercise. Stomach, arms, love handles, back fat, thigh gap & double chin. The treatment is not uncomfortable no needles no pain, it is non-invasive & safe, results can be seen in weeks. Fat cells can not survive at these temperatures they die and leave the body through the lymphatic system. As a result of this fat in the target area is reduced giving you a healthier toned appearance.

The sessions last 1hr and 2 areas can be treated in that time, cooling pads are placed onto target areas a slight cooling sensation is felt. After the treatment shockwaves treatment is applied to the treated area which helps eliminate the fat, therefore getting better results.

The treatment is non-invasive and safe results can be seen in weeks. Two litres of water each day helps with the process. Sit back and relax, watch Netflix and chill out.


This depends on the specific target area we are focusing on and the time frame we are working with, the procedure can be repeated after 6 weeks to get desired results
After an in-depth consultation, we'll measure, weigh & photograph you so we can track your progress, a cool pad is applied to the area we are targeting, the vacuum suction on the applicator lifts the fat into the cup reducing the temperature to - 10 degrees for 1 hr, this causes the targeted fat cells to die and exit the natural way with plenty of water.
During and after there's little to no side effect apart from experiencing your targeted area could be red or slightly bruised for a small period of time.
They leave the body through the lymphatic system through your waste, we recommend 2 litres of water to assist the process.
Before the treatment, you will have a thorough consultation process in our comfortable consultation room to ensure that you are happy with all aspects of the procedure and that all of your questions are answered.
No, just a little pinch from the vacuum at the beginning of the process which disappears a couple of minutes after putting it on. You can even watch a movie, listen to music or fall asleep if you wish.
Yes, the treatment is completely safe, the treatment and the procedure have been awarded CE mark.


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