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3D HIFU Medigrade


3D HIFU Medigrade


The New HIFU Medigrade Quicker Faster Results No Knife Non Surgical Face Lift York

How Does It Work?

The New HIFU Medigrade Quicker Faster Results non-surgical face lifting treatment has become one of the most sought-after skin tightening contouring procedures from our York clinic and other practices across the country.

The New HIFU Medigrade Quicker Faster Results skin tightening treatment is the latest non-surgical technology that can show visible results after just one session! It targets brow lifting, jowl line lifting, nasolabial fold reduction, periorbital wrinkle reduction, and overall skin tightening and rejuvenation.

Our new Medigrade machine offers a non-invasive anti-ageing treatment designed to target sagging skin, fine lines, and wrinkles. Our HIFU face treatments work to instantly rejuvenate, sculpt and define areas of your face, such as cheeks, jawline, and neck.

HIFU Key Client Benefits

  1. Lift eyebrows and tighten brows
  2. Reduce frown lines
  3. Lift and firm jowl area
  4. Soften smiles lines
  5. Reduce nasolabial folds
  6. Improve appearance of neck

Areas That Can Be Improved

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Anyone who wishes to achieve that desirable youthful rejuvenation can benefit from The New HIFU Medigrade Quicker Faster Results facial. The Medigrade Technology works to produce new collagen which can reduce the formation of wrinkles, tighten the skin and create that lifted look without the need for surgery or needles.

During menopause, women may experience a reduction of collagen formation, which may speed up the wrinkling process. The skin may become loose and sagging especially the neck, jawline, and cheeks. The New HIFU Medigrade Quicker Faster Results skin tightening facial can work to lift this sagging skin, filling out the face and improve the skin’s youthfulness.

Perhaps you have lost a lot of weight and hope that skin tightening treatments from our York clinic can improve the appearance of sagging around your face and neck. HIFU facials are perfect for jawline tightening, reducing sagging whilst also avoiding surgery, allowing you to achieve these desired results quickly.

“Fantastic experience, Hifu with Louise is a must, I could see the difference in the same day and Louise is a very nice lady, very professional and knowledgeable about all the treatments that are available in the market, she also knows what would be the best for your skin. I am definitely going back for more treats as soon is open again. The Best in North Yorkshire, I became a client for life. Thank you, Louise ”.

Cynthia Timotei • GOOGLE REVIEW

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HIFU Non-Surgical Face Lift

  • Contouring, lifting & firming the face & jawline.

  • FULL FACE & NECK £300
  • JAWLINE & NECK £200